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Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services Co., Ltd.

Our Company

Our Mission

Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services Co., Ltd. will contribute to the industrial market in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East Countries by continuously providing customers with state of the art technical, engineering and maintenance services providing solutions to their needs for repair, overhaul, rehabilitation, modernization, and optimization of various equipment and plants.

Our Company

Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services is a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd, which is already providing water treatment plants, chemical plants and air conditioning system facilities, in addition to having installed more than 150 process gas compressors and more than 170 pumps together with the drivers and other equipment in the Middle East, has now settled in Saudi Arabia to provide technical and engineering services to customers in this region.

Located in Dammam, along the Dammam Abqaiq Highway just opposite the 2nd Dammam Industrial City, Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services started operation in May 2012. Formerly known as Saihati Weir and Saihati Factory, Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services now provides customers with comprehensive maintenance and engineering services backed up by the highly experienced technical expertise of Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services provides comprehensive services for various rotating equipment such as electric motors, generators, pumps, compressors, refrigerating machines, gears, steam turbines, gas turbines, and also for various plant equipment such as heat exchangers, valves, transformers, etc.
All of these equipment are manufactured in Hitachi, Ltd and other Hitachi group companies, and therefore, the technical expertise is available to serve the customers.

Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services knows the equipment and knows how to serve the customers. Reliability is there, the solution is there.

Company Detail

Company Name Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services Co., Ltd.
Established June, 2012
Location Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Representative Hideki Matsuno, Managing Director and General Manager
Capital 19,530,000 SR
Shareholders Hitachi, Ltd.: 70%
Technical Enterprise Co., Ltd.: 30%
Business Areas Repair, assembly and modification of motors, pumps, compressors and other imdustrial equipment used for infrastructure, manufacture, assembly, inspection, etc. of machine parts
Employees 123 (as of June 2017)