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Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services Co., Ltd.

Our Services

Mechanical Maintenance

Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services can undertake a wide variety of machine jobs.
We are a State of the Art Facility, which is well equipped & well maintained to meet European & International Standards to guarantee the quality of the work.
We are also known for its Industrial Chrome Plating, Plasma & HVOF, Spraying,Welding & other areas in the field.

Electrical Maintenance

Our Facility is equipped with the latest State of the Art Equipment with special mention of our motor test facility, which is considered to be superior to any other within Saudi Arabia.
We are also known for its Large AC/DC Motor Rewind & Repair, Rewind Motors up 32,500 HP Variable Voltage Testing up to 13.8 KV, Transformer Overhaul & Repair, Vibration Analysis & other areas in the field.

ARC Composite Coating Services

Hitachi Saihati Engineering Services Co., Ltd. is the official distributer in Saudi Arabia of ARC Composite Materials of Chesterton International Inc., USA. ARC composite materials are scientifically engineered to protect your equipment from the damage and costly problems of abrasion, erosion/corrosion, chemical attack, and atmospheric corrosion. We provide ARC Composite Coating Services with customers for any equipment, components, piping, valves, and also for concrete applications.